Thursday, August 26, 2010

My New Life

So many changes in my life lately.  Here are a few that I didn't realize were coming my way:

*Monday afternoon there was a 40 minute span between when I told Tom we should be leaving my Dad's place and when we actually drove away.  Forty.

*I have had 17 days of not gagging while brushing my teeth.  I may go brush them again tonight just to enjoy the experience again before morning.

*In fact, I drove today and did not retch, gag or have to reach for tissue or a bag while pulling out of my driveway (yes, I'm sure the neighbors are almost as relieved as I am that that's over).

*I now weigh what I did when I got pregnant... with Madelyn.  It's not a huge jump from there to what I weighed when I got pregnant with Fynn, but I'm happy to be at the lower number.  Now to regain something like the shape I was in when I got pregnant with Mad.  Even better, I'd like to get to the weight and shape I was in a year before I got pregnant with Madelyn.

*Free trials of Rhapsody are only good for a limited time. I plugged in my MP3 player today to listen to the birth playlist while Fynnie and I headed out to a mommy group I found up here.  We were able to listen only to songs I'd uploaded from CDs.  That sucks.  On the other hand, it was good when I needed it.

*There were only two other mommies and their wee ones at this mommy group.  They could not have cared less what I had to say.  One is going back to work tomorrow, so she won't be there again.  The other talked about what a great rapport she had with the nurses at the hospital.  And I got to hear an 11 week blow-by-blow of her preterm labor drama.  Eventually she didn't even talk to me about it (the other mom had left by then); she and the nurse who was facilitating the group had their own private gab.  What I heard about the "best" OB up here and a few of the "good" pediatricians made me glad we drove down to our preferred hospital.

*Having a daughter with an unusual name is going to mean coming up with a way of telling people her name is not Flynn.  Corey has an unusual name, but he's always gone by Corey, so it rarely comes up.  Fynn will be going by Fynn (or Fynnie... or Fynnster around here), so we'll probably be dealing with this a lot.  Up til now I've just been ignoring it and hoping people catch on.

*Today it was 104 degrees and storming.  I enjoyed it (from my air conditioned car).  The last time this happened was in July, and there was nothing pleasurable about the experience.  Being unpregnant is good.

*Our bedroom is a cluttery mess.  My in-laws will be here tomorrow (which is why the temperature will drop by about 35 degrees by this weekend... thank you Judy and Larry!), and I should be straightening (or sleeping) since Fynn's asleep, but I don't seem to have that sort of direction.

*Yesterday I had a moment of sheer insanity and asked Tom if he was sure we don't want to have any more babies.  Except for that 30 seconds, I have never been more sure.  I think it's just the finality and the closing of such an important part of my life that momentarily got to me.  Tom and I agree we don't want to be senior citizens when the girls graduate.  As it is, I'm now the age our parents were when we were seniors in high school.


Bossy Betty said...

Ah, isn't it good your body is remembering what is was like to not be pregnant and reverting to some of its former greatness? I remember feeling like I had been rented out and now I could take over the property again. (Such are my maternal instincts.)

The world has many annoying, self-centered mommies whose brains are on vacation. Ignore them. You'll find some Mommy soul mates around there.

You know that name thing wouldn't be a problem if you had followed my word verification suggestion. Is it too late to change Fynn's name to today's word of Schiltu?

Pearl said...

I remember the not-gagging bit. :-)

It's the little things, iddin it?!


Rebecca said...

Gosh that all sounds familiar! It is a bit bittersweet to close the baby chapter of our lives. I'm feeling it, too. I'm sad that this is the last time that I'll have my own little baby that is just starting to smile, cuddle, and see the world. At the same time, I look forward to being a parent of school-age children.

Anti-Supermom said...

Hey Shan,
I can't believe that it was that *crazy* hot there - I'm sweating just thinking about that.

You should see the looks I get when people hear the name Edith... so I totally get it.

And that's exactly why we didn't share the name before she was born ;)

Hope you are doing awesome!

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