Sunday, August 29, 2010


Since Judy and Larry are in town, I wanted to stick with tradition and take a family outing.  Previous day trips with them have included San Juan Capistrano, Moss Point in Laguna Beach, salt dunes in the Mojave Desert.

Next time I want to "get out and see something" with a three week old and a two year old, somebody remind me that when the in-laws came to visit after Madelyn was born, I didn't go anywhere.  Oh yeah, they traveled around and saw some sights without us.  Doh! 

And where did I suggest we go?  Lake Arrowhead.  They used to have an awesome children's museum.  I already knew it was closed when I called to find out their hours and it was someone's home (uh, perhaps Lake Arrowhead should update their website?).  Still, the other closest children's museums are about two hours away, the county museum didn't seem all that exciting to my husband and, really, a trip to the mountains to feed the ducks sounded refreshing (even though my in-laws did bring the cooler weather as promised).

Here's a brief summary of how we spent our time in Lake Arrowhead (imagine this with many different backgrounds):

What made it better?  Only this:


Rebecca said...

Whoa. I cannot imagine any sort of outing with a three week old, older toddler or not!

Bossy Betty said...

Could it be there are some mysterious hormones still surging through your blood that caused you to do such a thing? Ah, hope springs eternal, doesn't it?

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