Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What You Don't Want

... is to be 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant, 50 miles from the hospital and find that your car won't start.

Corey just thought it was bad because we were finally going to Gamestop and he'd had that $20 for, like, 16 hours!

When I called roadside assistance, the service rep said he'd call a tow truck to take my car to the closest dealership because of "high voltage dangers.  If they don't do it just right, jump starting a hybrid can be... uh... fatal."

Are you kidding me? 

Our local dealership sucks, so I canceled the call to find out how much said dealership would charge to jump my car.  Took three people to get an answer, the final woman hunted down a mechanic who said there was no reason the roadside guy couldn't do it.  I could hear their conversation; that was the extent of it.  She comes back on and tells me that the dealership wouldn't charge me to jump it, but that I really should get the battery diagnostic test done for $98.  Must be their magic number, since that's how much they were going to charge me to diagnose my need for the tire pressure gauge to be reset, when I knew that was all I needed.

I called roadside assistance again and told the new service rep that I needed to have my battery jumped, that it shouldn't be a problem for a trained mechanic and could they please send someone.  I had to explain why I was telling her all this.  Her response, "I'm not a mechanic, so I'll get one on the line and see if they can do it.  Hang on."  Thirty seconds later she told me who would be coming and when.  It was supposed to be a lengthy wait, but he came in less than 20 minutes, hooked my car up to some portable charging device I've never seen before and it started right away.

I was relieved.  Corey was ecstatic.


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Wow! THAT is a day right there! So glad it turned out alright! Geez!!

BTW, I fixed my Barry Manilow video, if you'd care to come back and view it! Thanks so much for the heads up about it being busted!!

Bossy Betty said...

OH yeah!!! Oh my. Let's make sure that car is in top condition.

By the way, did you pull the pregnant card during the phone call? I would have!

Anti-Supermom said...

And this is where you should have pulled that 37 weeks pregnancy card ;)

It's been working great for me on getting benches at the park or getting my own swimming lane at the gym!

Glad that it all turned out (and yes, the race is on!)

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