Friday, June 17, 2011

Dinner at the Casa

Tonight I ran into one of my former sign language students, Aaron.  When he started with me, he was in elementary school, giggly, goofy and very smart.  He just finished his first year of college with a double major, and said that he's "finally playing less video games and putting more effort" into his life.  I guess so.

In his eyes, I still recognize that fabulous little boy.  Tom did, too (he came to a few classes when he was wooing me).  Very little else about him is the same.  For example, he's easily 6' 4".

He said I look exactly the same and that I haven't aged at all.  That was pretty awesome to hear.

Until I realized that, to him, I've always been old.

On the other hand, I ran a marathon around the time he was in my class.  I know I don't look like me when I was a runner, but hey, if he thinks I look exactly the same, I'm willing to pretend.


Emms said...

Gotta love that in his eyes you haven't aged at all! Even if he did think you were 'old' lol
Ps I just had the loooooongest word verification for this comment!

JT said...

Yeah. I recently got in touch with some kids I knew as Middle Schoolers. They too were amazed by how "unchanged" I am. Yup. Old. Doesn't change. I just have to dye my hair more.

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