Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank You for Being a Friend

Yet again my technical woes regarding Blogger have been solved by none other than Heather over at Adventures with Baby J and Bean.  Yesterday I took suggestion number one and resorted to stealing borrowing Tom's computer (identical to mine, bought on the same day) to see if I could comment on other blogs.  Why yes I could!  (And yes, I did consider swapping out laptops, but he still has all the product stickers on his, plus he has stuck right arrow key.  I am a keyboardist, not a mouser.  Stuck keys annoy the heck outta me.)

Half an hour ago I took suggestion number two.  Now that I've joined the modern era and started using Google Chrome, my computer really is as fast as Toshiba and FiOS say it's supposed to be.

There are a few adjustments I'll have to make (e.g., Ctrl + Down Arrow no longer takes me to the end of the paragraph, but in fact scrolls the entire page down, hmm), but even technology is a give and take.


katy said...

Thank YOU for putting the theme to the Golden Girls in my head! ;op

Bossy Betty said...

Don't you just love when the magic happens?

mama to j and bean said...

Ok, so I'm way behind on my blog reading and just saw this. So glad it worked for you and even happier that you're back in blogging/commenting business! Isn't Chrome great?

PS - now you need to get your butt on twitter so we can chat :)

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