Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who Put Me In Time Out? And When Is It Over?

I am still in Blogger hell.  Random ability to comment.  Sometimes it looks like I'm going to get my comment posted, even if it is as "Anonymous," but at the last second I am sent to sign in again.  But I cannot sign back in and my comment gets eaten.

The other night I wrote a lengthy post about my date with a woman and how awesome it was.*  Blogger wasn't auto-saving for some reason, and I didn't think to copy and paste until after my entire post was lost.

This lame-ass post is saving, and may post just fine.  Great.

So... I am way behind on reading, getting farther behind on writing and feeling quite frustrated by the whole thing.

I perused Blogger's user forum and followed each bit of advice I gleaned there (different browsers and clearing caches, cookies and browser histories).

What else can I do?

*Yes, if I can get this problem sorted out, I will rewrite the story.


Anonymous said...

I'm more than slightly disappointed tihat didn't hear about your date. Damn you blogger! (shakes fist)

Anti-Supermom said...

So did you figure it out? I'm sorry I'm so behind on reading blogs too. It's the five kids at home thing, darn summer ;)


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