Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I Guess It's Been a While

Last week I finally decided to stop in at my gym.  I figure I pay someone to work there a few hours a month, maybe I should check the place out.  Plus, it's been a while since I've seen my gym ID card.  Not, like, decades... I definitely recall seeing it on the nightstand upstairs. 

I walked in to the place and read perused the sign on the door about the "no copies of IDs" rule.  Made sense to me.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that the rule only applies to parents who are dropping off children in the kids' club.  No, the rest of us don't need to bring any ID.  Why not?

They scan your index fingers. 

That's right.  I've been away from the gym long enough for Star Trek to have landed.

Oh, you were wondering how my trip to the gym went?  Totally successful.  Did what I set out to accomplish.  When I'm ready I'll go back and, you know... exercise.  I've even got appropriate exercise type socks in my car as we speak

No, I do not think I'll be using the high heels that are also in my car.  I plan to put some tennies and exercise clothes in there, too.  I just can't find the right outfit.

Anyway, Tom just came back from a run.  I feel worn out just thinking about it.


DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I keep telling my husband that I will start working out once I have new shoes... an outfit to match... a pink yoga mat... oh oh and some pink weights. He isn't buying it - literally. haha... LOVED THIS POST TOO funny!! I may or may not have known anything about fingerprint ID's... I could say our gym in town doesn't do that BUT that would be a lie... I haven't been our gym in town. haha...I LOVE your comments on my blog and would love to respond back to you but your email is set up on your GFC as no-reply-blogger.

Hank Greer said...

Leave your ID at home and show up with bandaids on each index finger. See what their backup plan is.

"After I cut myself chopping vegetables, I switched hands and cut myself even worse 'cause I'm not left handed. Do you want to scan these fingers instead?"

You know which fingers.

Bossy Betty said...

Hi there! I am now pressing my finger up against my computer screen so you can identify me. Did it work?

Emms said...

Im laughing at hank Greer... I love that idea ha ha ha.

Anti-Supermom said...

Scanning your fingers? So weird, I'm thinking that type of gym is OK with a little big brother in the locker room too.


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