Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pet Names

I've mentioned the birth board I joined while pregnant with Fynnie.  Sometime around her birth I realized that (doh!) there was one for Mad, too.  (Corey was born before I'd even heard of the Internet, let alone used it.)

Today one of the April '08 mamas posted a question about pet names for our kids.  I'm including my response here mainly so it'll be accessible to my kids one day.  Because sometimes I think of wrapping this up when they're grown and saying, "This is who I am.  This is where you are from and part of who you are."

My son, Corcheval (AKA Corey) has been Bub or Bubba, which came from a made up song where I called him my Boobahoo My Sweet Doopy Doo.  LOL, nobody who wasn't around when he was a baby knows about that one.  I've also called him Con-Chacon or just Chacon most of his life.  Oh, and sometimes I still call him Corcheval Percival Peabody Parker, which is not his actual name, but what some friends used to call him because (I'll admit) he does have a rather ridiculously formal full name.

Madelyn is Mad, Mad-A-Girl, Madaladelyn, Honey Bunny, Sweet Girl and Moto.  The song I made up for her just uses Madelyn, mainly because I couldn't believe my kid had such a classic name.  So I was trying to get it stuck in my head so it would feel natural (it does).   Not Maddie... you can pretty much define who is around her all the time or not by who calls her Maddie.  Ironically, lately she's called herself Maddie Maddie Coco Pop.

Fynn is Fynnie, Fynnie Fynn, Fynneola or Fynnie Fynnie Coco Pop (also part of a song).  Sometimes she is Cute Girl or Monkey, too.  She was also The Fynnster for a while, but that seems to be going away.

And just for self-flagellation purposes, as a child I was called Froggie or Jojo until I was no longer powerless to stop it.  Worse, one of my parents friends thought "Jojo" didn't make any sense (it was from my middle name, Jolene), so she decided to call me Sam Sam.  Worst of all, that was apparently not bad enough, so she eventually changed it to Claude Claude.  I remember going to their house and seeing that on "my" cup.  It is one of the first things I think of whenever I think of that whole family.  Still.  Oddly enough, I've gotten some nicknames as an adult, too.  Shani and Shanahan are the most common... except for Shancy Sweener.  That is Nancy's and my Brangelina.


renegademothering said...

that's awesome. we have some of the LAMEST nicknames for our kids. i call my son "bubbies" a lot. or bubs. we used to call my daughter "muppet" (the older one), cause she kinda looked like one. and georgia, well, she's got the worst ones...we call her "G-funk" (cause you KNOW she's a gangsta), "G-funk all star" - but lately Rocket started calling her "gorgie" - which is cute, and starting to stick. Oh right, and then there's the fact that my son's real name is Charles, but Ava named him "rocketship" when I was pregnant with him...and it's never gone away. AWWWWWW. Sweet memories.

Brooke said...

I love hearing all of the nicknames for your kiddos. We have a long list for Mateo and I should actually do an updated post on them since most have changed from when he was born.

Thanks for doesn't make me feel as bad about not calling Mateo by his name :)

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