Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Would You (We) Do That?!

Madelyn loves trains.  She has always been fascinated by them. 

Of course, she was fascinated by buses, trash truck and street sweepers, too.  It just turned out that "fascinated" translated directly as, "Oh holy moly!  What is that big thing?!  Can it get me?!?  AAAaaahhh!!!"

*ahem*  That was last year.  Now she's three.

As we drive up or down the pass each day, Mad requests that we go down and see the trains.  There's a fire road that extends about 2/3 of the pass.  Little semi-paved pathways shoot off that allow being right next to the southbound trains.

As long as the conductor doesn't give a friendly (obnoxiously loud) whistle, it's kind of fun.

Madelyn tells us if the engine is Thomas or Percy, and whether or not Thomas is pulling Clarabelle and Annie.

Tom thinks she'd enjoy riding on a train.  He wanted to do it for her birthday, but there is a serious lack of commuter rail lines up here, and we don't want to go as far away as Amtrak would carry us for the occasion.  As with most good things, we have to go down the hill for it.

Today we are hoping to finally take Mad on a train ride.  The fact that it's 8:45 and she's already melted down two times, refused to eat breakfast and went back to bed to get some extra sleep after I carried her, kicking and screaming, up the stairs per Mama's request... that doesn't mean it's going to be a nightmare of a situation, does it?


renegademothering said...

It's funny the love/obsession some people have with trains. There's an incredible train museum in Sacramento - maybe you've been there. They're just so loud and mighty.

Emms said...

Oh good luck and let us know how it goes! Trains are so much fun. K loved them as a kid and still does;) so giving her a ride could solidify some love for Mad too!

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