Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starting Early

Yesterday evening Corey had an appointment with one of his doctors.  As it happened, I'd promised Margaret I'd get the girls as soon as possible because she's been ill.  I wanted her to ease back into watching them.  Aaand Tom ended up working very late because he'd taken time off to be with the girls while Grandma was ill.

So the girls came with Corey and me to this appointment.  Madelyn was concerned that she might have to get up on the "zamming table" and kept stating, "I don't want a checkup.  I don't need a checkup."

Imagine her surprise when there was no zamming table.

Multiply that when it turned out that the doctor mostly wanted to talk to Corey and Mama, but not her!

Madelyn handled herself pretty well, all things considered (it was a no nap day).  She did get a little squirrely and ended up falling off the couch.

I gave my standard we-don't-whine-about-things statement, "And she's down."

Mad gave her standard response upon standing, "And I'm up!"

Doc looked at her and said, "Wow, you're pretty tough for a little girl."

Mad, "Well what does that mean?"

Doc, stuttering, "Uh... it means... uh, I'm being *ahem*... uh, sexist."

Mad, "Don't do it sir, don't do it."

Doc, "You're right.  It's my mistake.  You were right to correct me."

Madelyn's last two statements may have been coached by her Mama, 'cause Mama don't play that.


mama to j and bean said...

You kick a$$ for raising such a kicka$$ girl!

Emms said...

That is awesome. go shan for raising her to be strong willed and not peoples stereotype!

Bossy Betty said...

I want to get on the zamming table! Can I?

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