Friday, July 02, 2010

Friend Request? Really?

A few months back I mentioned that my former mother-in-law wanted to friend me on Facebook.  I sent her a message saying that Corey wasn't interested in contact with anybody from that side of his family, but that I'd be willing to update her and send her pictures and whatnot.  Never got a reply.

Then a slew of people I barely know wanted to friend me.  I just leave them in friend purgatory because I don't know if they get a "you've been declined" message or not.  I'd just rather not.  And it's not like I'm on Facebook ever.  If you were to see my wall, you'd see people wishing me Happy Valentine's at Christmas because they figure that's when I'll get the message.

A month or so ago my sister Rachelle friended me.  I'd never say no to her for anything (except the offer to come stay with us for three weeks after Fynn's born... with her exceptionally rambunctious son).  Next was my niece.  I wouldn't say no to her either.

Last night I got the oddball friend request to end all oddball friend requests.  From who?  Rachelle's husband.  He is not one of my people.  The feelings are mutual.  We are courteous to one another when we happen to be in the same place, but that's a rare occurrence because he often skips out on Shell's family gatherings.

I decided to click on the link to his Facebook page to see what he had going on (before accepting or declining).  I never noticed anything once I saw his "photo."

What could be more appropriate than that?  And it's practically true to size, too!

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