Friday, July 30, 2010

Reason 1,428,982 Why I Love My Coworkers

The kids and I* went down the hill for a chiropractic appointment today.  When we arrived, Corey walked over to my mom's house.  This time he'll be gone for the weekend.  I love taking Mad to these appointments.  Once we're in the room, she helps me change the face paper (why don't people do that before they leave?) and raise the headrest.  While I'm laying there waiting for the doctor, Mad uses the foot levers and puts her hands up over my arm to "help fix Mama's back."  I usually get lots of smooches, too, which makes her adjustments significantly different from what Doc does.

The chiropractor is right around the corner from my office, so we stopped in to say hello before heading to Grandma's house.  We took the long way to my desk, so we could drop by as many people as possible before getting to the nuthouse section.  Since it's Friday and the middle of summer, almost no one was there.  Perfect!  (Mad's less shy than she has been, but she's also more cranky lately, so I'm not being sarcastic... this time.)  Only three people (out of 10) were in my area.  We were all happy to see one another, and they loved seeing my curly-wurly.  She didn't love them quite as much and decided to sprawl out on the floor to avoid any touching from the possibly slightly overly affectionate Aunt Jill.

As I went to rescue her pick her up, Jill started talking about how great I look.  In particular, what a fine ass I have while pregnant.  She called over another person who concurred.

Okay, I've seen what I have and it really ain't pretty or fine, but they made me smile.  And I might have checked myself out when I used the restroom before heading off to Grandma's.  (And I might have confirmed what I already know, but I love them all the more for being sweet... in our typically inappropriate fashion, of course.)

*I've only begun using that phrase, "the kids and I" in the past few months.  I kind of like it.  Makes me sound like I've got more than two kids.

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Bossy Betty said...

First of all, you don't get smooches from your chiropractor? Hummm.....mine said it was an essential part of the treatment procedure.

Your co-workers sound like angels sent from heaven. Could you please send them over here to rave about my buttocks?

Enjoy these days! What a great time in your life!

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