Tuesday, June 01, 2010

And It Smells Like...


Okay, so I commenced the whining too early.  Monday morning I called Perfect Dresser Dude; it was still available and he agreed not to take any buyers until we could get there to check it out.  We left at 9:30, found the place, spent about two minutes confirming that it would work for us and 10 strapping it into my Escape with about nine bungee cords.  A quick stop for gas and snacks that Mad could spill all over my newly vacuumed interior, and we were off.

The timing was great, too.  We didn't have much traffic coming down the hill, and going up was a breeze.  By the time we were almost to our off-ramp, the southbound traffic was jammed up with trailers and boats and cars full of hungover Vegas losers.  (Okay, and maybe a few winners, but statistically you know I'm right.)

Corey had spent the weekend at my mom's, but they arrived just before we did, so the dresser came in and upstairs immediately.  No foul stench stinking up the place, and it looks nice, too.  For now it's in the loft until we can move the desk that has been Mad's changing table into our room.

We spent the afternoon hanging out.  Tom grilled burgers and corn.  A cooling breeze blew through the house.

That evening I got an email from another person who was interested in the dresser I had posted on Craigslist.  I gave him a call and our address.  The guy actually showed up.  Even better he was excited about the dresser.  He loves to refinish pieces and believes that this dresser might actually be solid walnut.  To me the top looks like a veneer, but I could be wrong.  I don't refinish, I have only finished raw wood.  This guy seems like more of a semi-pro than a hobbyist, so I took the opportunity to show him our dining table (like that was hard, it's still sitting, 3/4 finished, in our garage; it was right next to the dresser).  We talked stains and stripping agents.  Hopefully I'll remember all about Blue Lightning when the time comes (yeah, that link is more for me than for you, unless you're interested in helping with my table and chairs, lol).  We were in total agreement that Tom and I should have never selected chairs with spindles in the back.  In a complete reversal of traditional roles, Tom stated, "But it's pretty."  Yes, dear, it's pretty.

The man paid us and promised to send pictures when he's done with his latest project.  It was then that I remembered we'd never introduced ourselves, not even on the phone.  After he and Tom loaded the dresser ("upright, please") into his truck, we exchanged names and went our separate ways.

And with the purchase and sale of the dressers at $45 a piece, Mad and Fynn's new dresser is still free, which is way better than $100!


Bossy Betty said...

Yahoo! That worked out great, didn't it? Love that. My friend just called me to say she was alone in house and some guy from Craigslist was coming to look at her refrigerator. She wanted me to know his name in case he killed her.

Think maybe it was a hint to come over and protect her?


Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning! If I WERE be be a rabbit wrangler, I'd send one your way!

Anti-Supermom said...

I need a dresser too, no one told e that with more kids you would need more furniture.

When does the craziness stop!! ;)

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