Sunday, June 06, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

... right through the air conditioning duct and into the kitchen.

The good news is that Mad is eating and peeing a little, back to trying to get out of diaper changes and refusing to sit in her high chair (compared to what I saw the past few days, I'll take the hassles over the laying around and not really caring what's happening around her).  She slept all night last night and took another extremely long nap today, but has kept everything down that she's consumed.

The massive pile of laundry is about half done.  I resorted to making a pillow for Mad by putting her crib comforter into a pillowcase.  It's a lot easier to wash a little comforter and have it be useful later than it is the pillows she vomited all over.

The bad news, if you couldn't tell, is that our washing machine is malfunctioning somehow.  It's upstairs.  I noticed a spot on our ceiling today.  Two, actually, about five feet apart.  I checked the water hose while Tom was gone playing tennis; it seems to be operating normally.  It did seem like maybe the washer has been moved somehow.  When he returned, Tom unhooked it and moved it off the pan, which has a hole in it (why? how?).  I was downstairs and could hear the sound of rapidly trickling water from the living room.

The spots don't seem any larger, but 10 minutes ago Mad slipped on a massive puddle in the kitchen.  I guess I'm glad the water's not just sitting up there, and that it's found a way out.  However, how is it getting into the ventilation duct?  Where else is it going?

Of course our home warranty expired five weeks ago, and the warranty on the washer was more like three weeks ago.  Hopefully we aren't going to have to make our first foray into the world of home insurance claims.  My dad is an investigator for a major insurance company and has said for years that people who make claims get canceled.  I'm hoping that's his naturally pessimistic outlook more than reality.

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Bossy Betty said...

Glad to hear Madi is feeling better!

Yikes on the leaking. This is not good. Hopefully, insurance will kick in on this one!

How is the Mama feeling tonight?

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