Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wonder No More

The answer is, "Yes, she will wake up later.  Several times.  Vomiting every time."

Tom slept with Mad on her floor last night because everything from her bed was in the laundry.  I have snuggled her in the rocker, the recliner, on my bed and on her floor today.  The lone piece of toast she at 9:00 this morning came back this afternoon not long after her nearly five hour nap. She is asleep right now, but when Tom gets home (hopefully very soon), we're heading down the hill to urgent care.  Mad hasn't peed all day.  Considering how little she's consumed, and how much has come back up, this is no surprise.

Yes, there are a couple of urgent care facilities around here.  No, they aren't with our medical group.  Tom's mom has said if Mad's dehydration is too severe, the urgent care will hospitalize her.  The hospitals up here aren't that great, thus the trip.

Please send her lots of positive, healing energy.  She could really use it.


Mad did pee during her last nap.  We've given her some more Pedialyte and Gatorade.  If she can keep those down and pee some more, we aren't going anywhere.  *fingerscrossed*


Bossy Betty said...

Oh Sweet Things! I am thinking of all of you!!! Sending LOTS of positive thoughts!

Rebecca said...

Sorry. Get well, Mad.

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