Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Latest and the Greatest

Had a checkup yesterday, when I was officially 29 weeks.  Several good things came from it.

1) I don't have gestational diabetes nor any other concerns based on recent lab work.  It did make me want to order an apple crisp with lunch today, but I refrained.
2) Even though the official ultrasounds from the perinatology center recommend a due date of August 15, Doc is sticking with the 18th.  I get that Fynnie will come when she's ready, and changing the due date won't alter that fact.  I don't care.  But in this case, I would like her to stay in a wee bit longer (whereas before I've always thought a wee bit early would be lovely).  If she arrives like Corey (25 minutes late) or Mad (19.5 hours early), I will only have to work 2-4 days in December.  Aside from that (and the one day a month I'll have to put in during September-November, because I won't really be on maternity leave by then, just "off contract"), I'll be off until January.  That will make Fynn about the same age Madelyn was when I returned to work (4.5 months)... which was hard enough.  I cannot imagine doing it sooner.
3) Even though I only gained half a pound in the last four weeks, Fynn grew the equivalent of six weeks.  Okay, this puts her at five weeks ahead of gestational age, which is bigger than Mad ever was.  Don't be surprised if you see this fact on some other, less happy list.
4) I am cleared to go up into the mountains.  I didn't think this would be a huge no-no, especially since I have to go over a 4200 foot summit to get to and from work each day.  It's just nice to know that I can get to cooler temperatures.  We've been in the mid-90's this week.
5) My next appointment is only three weeks away!  As Nancy said when I called to tell her, "What?!  Weren't we just at this point with Mad two months ago?"  Yep, practically!  *big grin*

On the other hand...
1) When I asked Doc about advice, recommendations and things to be aware of since I (A) am having this child way closer to the last one and, (B) live 50 miles from the hospital (a 45 minute drive if it isn't a holiday weekend and/or a truck hasn't overturned going down the pass), he started in on his induction schedule speech again.  As with last time, he told me he'll check me at 38 weeks and see if I'm inducible.  (This actually happened at 37 weeks last time because he was so concerned I was having a "big baby"... she was 8.3 so, not huge.)  If so, he'll induce.  Uh, no you won't.  If I end up having to take Margaret up on her offer to stay with her and my dad for the last week, that's what I'll do.  However, sleeping on a couch, futon or Margaret's very soft bed (which she'd most likely insist I use) doesn't strike me as fun or comfortable while I'm that far along.
2) Fynn is measuring quite large.  Mad never was more than three weeks larger than expected; generally she was 1-2 weeks larger.  (Rebecca, if you've got some words of wisdom, now would be a great time to share.)  I keep reminding myself that this is the guy who doesn't do numbers real well.  Me and my grain of salt are staying mostly calm.

Oh, and two days ago I began noticing a distinct side-to-side motion while walking.  Please don't call it waddling.

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Bossy Betty said...

Yahoo! Sounds like everything is coming along nicely and Fynnie (or Deoetr according to word verification) is healthy and strong. Doctors love that induction thing. She'll come when she's ready.

Thanks for the update!

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