Thursday, June 24, 2010

So Proud

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you news of my town:

Two women started a brawl at a Kindergarten graduation ceremony yesterday.  From what I heard on the radio today, it started with words and ended with a massive fight outside.  I'm sure any one of the students could have recited "Sticks and Stones"... if any of the morons "parental units" involved had been listening.  Can you imagine the children seeing their parents beating up ~ or getting beaten up by ~ other parents?!?  And check out the ages of the women who've been arrested so far... 29 and 31!  Time for some big girl panties, ladies!

Now the good news (for me) is that this school is not remotely close to my neighborhood.  However, the primary school system here is parent-selection driven.  In other words, it's not in my neighborhood, but if that school is renowned for its test scores *scoff*wheeze*, those people could be my neighbors.

1 comment:

Bossy Betty said...

Start your boxing lessons now. You can take these women. I know you can.

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