Monday, June 07, 2010

House of Yuck

Yesterday evening Corey went from being tired (which is his usual excuse/attempt to get out of many things) to, in rapid-fire succession, getting one symptom of the flu after another.

Last night I headed upstairs to go to bed sometime around midnight.  Tom was in bed with a wet cloth on his neck and clearly not sleeping well.  I grabbed a couple of pillows and headed back down to the couch to (hopefully) avoid being the last one to be "it" in this horrible game of tag.

At 3:00 this morning I was awakened with the most awful sound.  Turns out it was Tom vomiting.  Upstairs.  With our bedroom door and the bathroom door shut.

Part of me wants to grab Mad and head for the hills, but the fact is there seems to be a 1-3 day incubation period for whatever we're dealing with here.  I could already have it.  I hope not.  After listening to Tom, I think I'd be afraid to get it even if I weren't pregnant.


Bossy Betty said...

Don't breathe!!! Let the man go this one solo!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, that poor guy! Hope you're able to avoid it! Good luck!

Everyday Song said...

Oh no. It is the house of Yack! Thanks for your comments. I'm thinking of you guys and hoping for immunity!

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