Thursday, September 02, 2010


I just spoke with one of my best buddies since my high school days.  Three things came up that, as far as I'm concerned, all fall into the, "Well that's just bizarre" category.

One, apparently Tom and I gave her a cactus three years ago.  We don't remember giving a cactus, but giving a plant is definitely something we would have done.  I know cacti are supposed to be low maintenance, but I've never managed to keep one alive longer than eight or nine months, so when she first mentioned it, I was impressed that she must still have it.  She's been watering and dusting that thing all this time.  In any case, she just discovered it's fake when her boyfriend went to transplant it for her.

Two, her daughter will be calling me to interview me for a childhood development course she needs in order to transfer colleges.  The thing is, she's going to school to become an embalmer.  She'll be the person who preps bodies for funerals.  Why does she need childhood development?

Three, the reason I called her is that she sent me a sizable check... to pay for her gown and shoes that she wore in my wedding.  Almost five years ago.  I had eventually offered to just make the dress and whatnot her gift for being part of our big day.  Since Nance was my matron of honor, it meant giving her a bigger gift than we'd intended, which was a horseback ride and dinner at sunset in Malibu... I have no regrets, especially since I never intend to go riding/racing with my friend, Evel Knievel, again!

I had to make sure that my friend knows there wasn't any reason to do this for me.  She said it's for selfish reasons because she thinks about it every time we talk.  She knows I'm her friend no matter what.

Under other circumstances, I'd probably just send it back or shred it.  But it's helping her and... this the part that's hanging me up... we can really use the money.  It would cover all of Corey's school charges and fees and buy diapers for each of the girls.

I'm generally not good with these sorts of money situations.  How would you handle this?


Bossy Betty said...

First of all, I cracked up about the cactus thing.

OK, as far as the money goes. I am hideous at receiving gifts like that, so I am working on being better at receiving. People really want to be able to give. Wouldn't you want her to take it if you gave it to her?

Rebecca said...

She would feel better if you cashed it. If you don't, she'll always feel awkward, and now so will you.

Cash it.

So, did you really given them a fake cactus?

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