Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Odds and Ends

Yesterday we hosted a party so that everyone could come and meet Fynnie... or see her again.  Compared to Mad's blowout, this was small.  But in reality, it was well-attended and quite lovely.  The invitation said people should drop in for "snacks and a snuggle"... so why we spent yesterday making a Mediterranean chicken dish, falafel, tahini and tzatziki among other things is unclear to me.  It all worked out well.  The best part was that I sampled a piece of chocolate cake with mocha filling yesterday.  It's one of the two flavors we had at our wedding.  Loved it!  Not that I was surprised.  The surprise was that Fynn didn't get a rash from it.  Corey and Mad were both so sensitive to it.  The only time I tried chocolate while nursing Mad, she got a nasty rash later that day that took three days to heal.  Now, if only there were some way to keep Corey from eating all of the chocolate cake before I get a chance to have more.


I forgot to mention that the photo shoots went horribly.  Well, not horribly.  Two shots were taken of Mad, but we did not get a shot of Fynn at all; the photographer apparently only had that traditional Sears/Penney's "my baby can hold her head up" shot in mind.  Fynn can hold her head up, she just hated the ridiculous positioning of the rest of her body.  When I mentioned that I was hoping for something more creative (on the second day), the photographer suggested doing a silhouette of me holding Fynn in my arms with our faces close together.  By then Fynn's sweet face was contorted in her efforts to tell me what for!  I requested that my free 8 x 10 be made from one of Mad's shots from earlier in the week.  Photog-girl had reformatted the disk.  Thankfully I'd gotten some pictures of her that day.

I got a picture of Fynn after the second day... once she was out of her outfit and much more comfortable.
She was glad all the nonsense was over.

The photographer offered to reschedule again, but I declined.


Madelyn is becoming quite the big sister.  This weekend she gave Fynn her first kisses.  This evening she wanted to hold her.  Yesterday morning she was all about the "milk in a bag" (whenever I pump she asks if I'm doing milk in a bag).  She wanted to do it, too.
The exact quote was, "I doing milk in a bag.  I make it for Baby Fynn.  I need to switch sides."  Who among us has gone that extra mile for their baby sister?


Yesterday one of my friends and her kids did not make it to the party.  She's the same friend who just paid me back for her wedding attire.  I got a call from her oldest daughter saying they were at the ER because L couldn't breathe and was having chest pains.  Now, she's not a hypochondriac or overly dramatic person where health is concerned, but the thought did cross my mind that she might have been having an anxiety attack at the thought of seeing Nance again.  They haven't seen one another since the wedding, and I believe Nance ended up footing the bill entirely for things that were going to be shared.

Turns out she was not having an anxiety attack.  The doctors found a mass in her lung.  It's small and they still have not determined if it's pneumonia, pleurisy or cancer.  Who'd have thought I'd ever be hoping my friend has pneumonia?  She had a fever today and her rationale is that you don't get a fever with cancer.  Having watched Ken die from leukemia, I know that fevers happen, but I'm hoping she's right.


Hank said...

The photos you posted capture the kids "in the wild". They are real and natural. Posed shots look--posed. Plus your pictures have a story to go with them. Milk in the bag for her sister--absolutely precious.

Bossy Betty said...

First of all, may I say that those pictures are absolutely adorable? Oh my gosh! You are lucky I do not live down the street or I would be there to put my weathered old cheeks against those baby/toddler ones! Yes, Fynn does look must more comfortable in that crib now. I believe I shall start sleeping in a onesie.

I know you must be worried about your friend. Hang in there. The whole fever thing is good. Right?

Brooke said...

Saying a prayer for your friend. I hope it nothing serious. Thinking of you!

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