Thursday, September 23, 2010

Know What This Means?

Last night I tried out for American Idol.  I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing and it went great until it was time to sing.  I couldn't remember the song, but someone had it typed up in color for just such a moment.  So then I had the words, but I couldn't remember the melody.  Oh, and I'd somehow forgotten that I don't know how to sing.  No matter.  I mean, clearly it was a no go, but the people in charge loved me.  Ellen told me that I should be a judge instead, and that I'd get paid three thousand dollars a show.

Tom hugged me and we were gleeful.  It wouldn't take long before all of our non-house and car debt was obliterated.

As were driving away, some woman... a fan?... tried to get into our gold minivan.  I locked it and Tom punched it as we drove up Mountain Avenue in Ontario (California, people... stay with me, sheesh!).  She ran to keep up and was banging on the side of the van.  I was slightly worried about whether she'd get hurt or not.

The banging turned into Corey knocking at my door, letting me know he was getting ready to leave for school.  From across the room I heard Fynn's soft coos and knew she was hungry.  As well she should be... girlfriend slept over four hours in one stretch last night, got up and nursed a little before crashing out again for a couple of hours.

That's right... I had enough time sleeping to dream.  Crazy dreams, sure, and with the terrifying gold minivan... but still.  It's almost 4:00 in the afternoon right now and... well, I could easily stay awake until a reasonable bedtime!

1 comment:

Bossy Betty said...

You're my idol, baby!

Hope last night's dream had you Dancing With the Stars.

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