Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Helping Daddy

While Tom's home, he's primarily handling everything while I tend to Fynn.  This has been especially helpful as we've worked our way through a nearly weeklong growth spurt.

This morning Tom relayed a new experience he had with Mad.  I could tell by the way his face was becoming more and more red as he struggled to find words that it was something good.

"When I'm downstairs and it's just me and Mad, if I have to use the restroom, I leave the door open.  She doesn't always come in, but that way she knows she can come in if she has to."

I nodded at this, because it's what I do, too.  Otherwise we are very strict bathroom-door-must-remain-shut-at-all-times kind of people.

"So she comes in and goes straight for the toilet paper.  I grab it to stop her so she doesn't take too much.  She hands it to me and says, 'Daddy wipe heinie/*gynie.'  'Uh, thank you.  Daddy has a heinie, but no gynie."

And here I thought all the fun stuff happened in the first year!

*I feel like I need a pronunciation key for this word.  It's just like "genie" but with a long I sound at the beginning.  Heinie/gynie is as close to nonsense names as we get for Mad's parts.  In case you are wondering, no, he apparently did not go into what he has instead of a gynie.

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Bossy Betty said...

So glad she is there to help daddy with all those hygiene issues/tissues!

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