Wednesday, September 08, 2010

No Cigar

Today is a couple of things.  It's one month since Fynnie's birthday.  It's Mad's first trip down to Grandma's on Tom's way to work since Fynn's was born.  It's back to school night for Corey.  It's that mommy group meeting.  Typically Tom stays late down the hill on Wednesdays for training, but he took Mad so I could go to the group.

Fynnie and I both managed to get bathed and dressed.  I was running too late (thanks to someone's explosive behind) to put on makeup, but I mostly don't wear any these days anyway.

The meeting is 90 minutes long, 20 miles or so away.  We headed out to the car seven minutes before it started.  So I was going to be late at best.  Then I discovered that the carrier base had been removed from my car.  Yes, we do have a second base.  It's still in the box in the garage.  Seeing that I was already running late... and Fynn was shrieking her displeasure at even being in the car seat to begin with... I decided to throw in the towel.  This was my last chance to go since I'll have Mad on the rest of the Wednesdays.  Chances are not great that I would have met a new friend there anyway, right?  I mean, last time I certainly didn't. 

It's not a specific person that I'm missing here... it's that there was a chance I'd meet a kindred spirit.  Earlier this week I found three other mom groups, not just in my area, but in my city.  I was so excited until I learned that each one has disbanded.  I don't have any ideas of where else to turn, but I need to find friends up here. 

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Bossy Betty said...

Sorry you didn't get to go to the meeting! Here's hoping you find some kindred spirits. I used to go to the park and usually found moms there. How about that? Or maybe a bar?

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