Saturday, September 25, 2010

Silver Lining

The silver lining in having the person you trained to take over the administrative tasks of your job so your assistant doesn't end up doing it all (without a raise) *deepcleansingbreath* flake out, act like she's not sure what she agreed to despite months of conversations, training and about a week worth of emails, and decide that she will only handle one small piece and dump everything without notice on your rather overwhelmed partner/assistant?

You "get" to handle a bunch of work-related crap while home on leave.  Okay, that sounds more gray than silver, but wait...

You will use said time in Dawn's manure field to get yourself more time off later. 

My work schedule is probably not like yours.  I have to work 197 days a year (it's in the neighborhood of 10 months).  Per my contract, I have to work at least one day in each month.  Thus, I have scheduled myself for this Thursday and Friday.  That will take care of September and October.  November and December will be handled similarly.  Because of Dawn's (hopefully temporary) case of cranial-sphincter infusion, I have about a foot of paperwork that magically arrived on my doorstep today (along with Biolage from that beauty supply place with the excellent prices... so long flowery new Pantene!).  I will be doing said work over the course of the next few days. Every hour I work from home while Fynn nurses and Madelyn naps will be an hour I don't have to "go" to work next week.

Silver lining... see?


Now I must continue working on my email response to this situation.  I've been mentally hashing it out for four days and it never ends well.


Anti-Supermom said...

See, here I am reading this post trying to find the silver lining in me *already* being back at work.

Oh yes, money. Darn it!

Hope that email made it out of the drafts ;)

Bossy Betty said...

Cleansing Breath. Cleansing Breath.

Hate when work intrudes upon home life.

Cleansing Breath.

Brooke said...

Good luck with the whole work thing. I feel your pain. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for A)being called at home while I'm out or B)having to clean up a huge mess when I get back in January. But hey, it's job security right? Right???

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