Friday, September 24, 2010

Putting the Pep(per Spray) in Pep Rally

Yet again I am not entirely unhappy that my son doesn't dig large social-ish scenes.  He does not attend most pep rallies at his school.  They had one today.  Instead of going to the gym or wherever it was held, he went to hang out with the sewing teacher.  He made a bag for his pencils.

Meanwhile, the pep rally was rife with "small altercations" that blew up into a riot as kids were leaving.  Security regained control with pepper spray and the school was put on lockdown.  (That was the second time this month... the first was because a student was assaulted off campus just before school started.)

School ended up getting out early and Corey called for a ride.  Took me forever to find my wallet (in a gift bag with assorted things I'd brought upstairs last week) and pick him up.  The bad news is that he was only about 3/4 of a mile from home by the time I got to him.  The good news is that he avoided the fights that continued on some of the buses.

And here's the crazy part... he goes to the good high school.

Tom decided we'll be looking into private high schools in about 11 years.  Then I reminded him about the fight that broke out last spring at a local kindergarten graduation.

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Bossy Betty said...

Well, YIKES!!! Glad he stayed with the sewing teacher and made a bag. Ev just started going to football games, something our older son never did.

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