Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oot and Aboot (a nod to my Canadian friends, eh)

When Mad was newly born, I had her hand and footprints done for Tom for Father's Day.

Disclaimer: I totally snagged this from the prints woman's website, but it's my Mad's parts.

Last Thursday Tom and I intended to go down and get Fynn's hand and footprints done, but the Little Bitty Prints woman didn't go in that day for whatever reason.  Fortunately, we can check her website before heading down to know whether it's worth the drive or not.  This morning I checked and she was going to be there in 45 minutes. 

As if I haven't had every reason to know otherwise, I said to myself, "Hey, I can leave now and get there when she does!"  Then started the mad dash to get the girls' diapers changed and to get all of us into our clothes.  Of course, Mad wanted to "go pee" which really meant sit on the potty, gas a few times, get a "towel" (toilet paper) and hop off.

Then I filled the diaper bag for Fynn and then another gift bag with stuff for Mad.  Lest I come across as a mom who thought to bring toys or snacks for Mad, let me be clear and say I brought diapers and a change of clothes for each girl, wipes, blankets, and my Moby Wrap.

We all came downstairs and I prematurely put Fynn into her carrier, went out and got the new base, took 10 minutes getting the fricken thing out of the box and two minutes installing it while Fynn was screaming her head off and Mad was refusing to rock the carrier or do anything I asked her to do.

I got the girls and bags in the car and we drove away.  A mile out I (and this will seem familiar to anyone who's read my stuff in the past 10 months) realized I'd forgotten something.  In this case it was my phone.  We drove back, I grabbed the phone and we set out again.

We stopped at the bank, Starbucks (I wasn't a complete idiot in the food department) and the gas station.  Then we headed down the hill.  Get there at 9:00?  Not on your life.  Try 10:50.

The whole process of getting Fynn's prints done took about five minutes... including when I had to go back to the car to get my checkbook (that trip to the bank was for a deposit... I figured my urge to pull out cash was just some throwback to the days when I had spare cash to pull out, so I disregarded it).  Once that was done, I nursed Fynn on one side, leaked all over the other side, tried to keep Mad entertained, nursed Fynn on the other side and realized I had left my checkbook and sunglasses with the prints lady (ahem... I "realized" it because the prints lady, after making Mad come back in the room, pointed out very sweetly that I'd left them on her table).

Next, the girls and I went in to get Fynn's weight checked.  Girlfriend has gained nearly two pounds in the past month.  I think that's totally normal, but I was still a little dumbfounded.  My mother-in-law and I estimate it took Mad at least three months to achieve that kind of a gain. 

The odd thing is that Mad fit in newborn clothes and diapers for about three weeks.  Fynn could only wear her newborn things for about a week and a half, and she started size one dipes today.  What makes this odd is that Fynn now weighs approximately what Mad weighed at birth.  I forgot to have her length checked.  That could be part of the difference, I suppose.

In any case, while getting the prints took about five minutes, the entire trip was closer to five hours.  But it was well worth it.  Why?  Because both girls ended up napping almost exactly at the same time for almost the same amount of time (three hours!), and I got to catch a few well earned Z's, too.

Around six weeks from now we should have Fynn's prints back.  We decided to stick with the Chicago sports theme.  Fynn's will be a football (Da Bears!).  I can't wait to see it!


Bossy Betty said...

Apparently you have super-duper breast milk this time around that permits babies to grow at tremendous rates. Don't let the dairy industry in on this or you'll be kidnapped and used for scientific experiments.

Hectic is the new normal in your life I believe.

OK, but I just love the way you can say, "the girls" now. Very cool!!!

Rebecca said...

A snooze!? Way to go!

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