Monday, December 13, 2010

And Now For Something Good

Madelyn received a special message from Santa tonight.  You can check it out here

While you are viewing it, imagine my Curly Wurly waving shyly at the computer, exclaiming, "Santa has a meshage for me," "I a pwincess" (she's in her so-called princess dress in the first photo), and "I two years old!"

We haven't received one for Fynn, but perhaps we should.  She watched intently all three times.  And yes, technically the "flute" is a recorder.  Mad doesn't even grasp more than the very basics about Christmas, let alone instruments from the dollar section at Toys R Us

If anybody else's child happens to get a meshage from Santa, I'd love to see it.


Anti-Supermom said...

Oh, the is adorable, I'm betting she went crazy when she saw a picture of herself in the book!

Bossy Betty said...

Ohhhh!!!! Loved that Santa video!

Funny, my family has the same goal for me in the coming year.

So fun to see this!

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