Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Potty Training ~ How Long Until It's Truly Over?

Mad has done a bang up job in the world of potty training.  Perhaps you saw that even Santa noticed.  *We have been diaper free and dry after naps for a little more than a month.  Last week we started going diaper free at night, too.  Candy rewards are not mentioned, but they are given with glee when requested.

So my question is, when do you know you're done potty training and can say she's trained?

***Yes, I say "we."  Really, Mad's the only one who's new to going without a diaper, I swear.  For me it's been at least four months.

1 comment:

Bossy Betty said...

Say you are all trained and have a piece of pie! If she has an accident later, at least you've had the pie.

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