Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Tom's third trip to California to see me was right after Christmas, 2000.  One thing we did was drive out to Santa Monica to visit his uncle, Frendell.  (His name is Frederick Wendell Somethingorother.  He grew up as Fred and then switched to Wendell for the stage; his kids dubbed him Frendell.)  Wendell has a book-lined apartment right behind the main drag.  A few memories stick out from that night.  One was that Wendell had this perfect little Christmas tree on a table, covered in candles and ribbons.  He lit the candles, turned out the lights and we sang "Oh Christmas Tree."

Today we did not sing any Christmas jingles, but we did drive down to a lovely Christmas tree farm where Tom and Mad selected our tree and Tom cut it down.  Fynn and I were nursing in the car (out of the rain) during the selection, but we were there to ooh and ahh over Daddy's quick work at cutting down the tree.  Mad, Fynn and I were very impressed that it took two men to carry away the tree Tom had just cut down by himself.

The tree farm was the last of several stops today.  We'd left home just before 10:00 and headed home around 4:00.  Mad hadn't napped all day.  Tom said, "I'll bet she falls asleep on the way home."

"Okay, what do you want to bet?"

"You don't think she'll fall asleep?"

"It's not that.  I'm up for a wager."

Tom's considered answer was, "An hour of control in the bedroom."

As we arrived home I said, "Prepare to do some serious laundry folding, dude."


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Ha!! My husband and I often have a very similar wager! Guess who spends a LOT of time in the laundry room?!! Enjoy your tree! Merry Christmas!!

Bossy Betty said...

Great! Sorry I missed this! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!

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