Friday, December 03, 2010

Look Ma, Two Hands!

It's been hard to find time and a good typing method.  I do wish my laptop had a lit keyboard.  If I can use both hands, I don't need to see the letters, but mostly I'm typing one handed while leaning over a nursing and/or sleeping Fynnola.  I wonder if my chiropractor hears me calling her name.

***I believe Fynn senses that I've put her down and am typing freely.  At night.  In the dark.  She's beginning to stir.


I have spent the past two days doing my one day a month at work.  Nance made it as painless as possible.  I thought I'd be stuck in the office for at least one full day, but we did get out to a few places, and I got to check in with several slackers teachers who haven't enrolled their kids yet.

When I arrived at the office Tuesday morning, the only person in my section was the one who flaked out on me and created havoc for my Nancy.  Although I'm no longer angry at her, the whole situation substantially changed my view of her.  My ability to make nice is passable, but I would rate myself "does not work to potential" in this case  My attempt to wave hello, say hi and just focus on my job came off to me more like barking hello while doing my best "talk to the hand."  Oh, and that was after I entered our area, saw she was the only one there, turned around and found people to chat up elsewhere.  And I may have hugged almost everybody else who came into our area.  I'm a fabulous person.  Okay, I suck.

The rest of work was fun and reminded me how much I love my job.  And it wasn't so tough walking around freely or eating lunch with two hands.  As much as I love being home, I will be okay going back to work next month.  On the other hand, I do notice I'm a little tense these past few days.  I just realized yesterday that it's time for Fynn to begin her weekly visits to Grandma's house along with her sister.  I really just want one more day of just Fynn and me, so maybe we'll put it off another week.

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Bossy Betty said...

Glad you are venturing back into the waters of working and finding it OK. No matter what, the transition will be hard.

You are sort of a big shot, using two hands to type. And yes, the baby knows. She KNOWS.

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