Saturday, December 04, 2010

I'm An Inventor. I Invent.

This morning I came up with the most incredible contraption while my achy body and foggy mind were rising out of the depths of a not-so-deep sleep to find that Fynn had wet so much this morning that it leaked out of her diaper and onto my freshly laundered sheets.

Feature this:  A nursing/cosleeping device that involves a bit of tubing from your breast to baby's mouth.  Lengths could vary depending on the distance between your bed (or toilet... think of the freedom!) and baby's crib, cosleeper or little piece of the carpet.  Mom could wear it and give her little one what he or she wants while getting to sleep in virtually any position at all.  This is my fantasy product, so yes, laying on your stomach is totally feasible.

I'd call it the Boob Tube.

Whaddaya think? 


Brooke said...

That rocks!! Now, please come up with an invention so Mateo can keep his nuke in his mouth. He likes to spit it out and then cry until you put it back in. He thinks its a FABULOUS game. :)

Bossy Betty said...

I can totally see you expanding this out to other body parts and other uses. Go for it. (But take a long nap before you spend too much time contacting QVC. OK?)

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