Friday, December 03, 2010


I had a dental appointment earlier this week. I sent Mad down to Grandma's and took Fynn with me. With one child I am like SuperMama. I woke up, got us dressed and headed out in no time at all. We arrived early so I could bundle Fynn in the Moby and walk her to sleep in time for her morning nap.

The hygienist was rather pissy about a few things, including Fynn being on my chest, but mellowed out when she realized Fynn is an awesome sleeper. It helped that the woman thought I'd been taking great care of my teeth. So embarrassing, but there were untold days in a row after Fynn was born when I am not sure I even saw my toothbrush or floss, let alone used them. I wasn't able to get Xrays done because of Fynn's location, but that's okay. I'll go back in a few weeks after Corey's out of school. He can manage the girls while I get zapped.

Fynn awoke just as the hygienist was finishing flossing me. Pissy hygienist cooed over her and even held her for a minute. Score one for babywearers!

Speaking of babywearing, I'm incredibly relieved and happy that we were able to get the structured carrier I wanted for Fynn for Christmas. We found an awesome store that let us borrow one for a week to make sure we liked it. I will admit that I tried to find one on Craigslist for a lower price. There was one, but it was far enough away to negate the difference.


Bossy Betty said...

It must be great to get a good report from a dental type of person. I brush and floss all the time and all I get are sad shakes of the head.

Anti-Supermom said...

See, I just blame my bad gums of BFing ;)

And I hear people just LOVE their Moby. Lucky for Fynn for having a mama that likes to wear her!

(Obviously, Edy isn't as lucky~)

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